Touch Us!

Need to get your grubby mits on the dashing Mr.Hexed or the Goblins? There are many ways to get ahold of us. The easiest is to write a note, tie it up with an old piece of twine and drop it down the nearest sewer grate. The best way, on the other hand, is to scrawl your note on a $100 bill and mail it to the address below. Try both and see which works best!

Should you be too timid (or miserly) for these methods, you can always attempt contact using the modern wonder that is Electronic Mail! Will the marvels never cease?

Send physical things to:
(no anthrax or underpants, please!)

A Gross of Goblins
P.O. Box 2397
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

You may also feel free to track us down at these other exciting interthing destinations:

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And join the Goblins fan group on Facebook!
[because... we never do anything with it.]

Catch Something!

Below, dear friends, you will find countless (provided you went to public school) ways to have a little bit of A Gross of Goblins delivererd to you! And ways to deliver some to those that up until now considered you a friend! Email subscriptions to sully your inbox! RSSes! For the feeding! And a whole bunch of crap that we don't even really know what it is! But you may! And if you do, then you're the one that should be using them! By all means... do get some!

Get Goblins in your Email! 100% virus free!
(though there may be an inordinately high amount of bacteria)

Don't feed the RSSes! Oh wait... DO feed the RSSes!


Or add A Gross of Goblins to your LiveJournal friends list and let the Goblins come to YOU!


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