There's a Goblin on your Back!

Click to visit A Gross of Goblins!

The above shows how your chosen Goblin will display when embedded in your whatever it is you're going to embed it in!

So you want a Goblin of your very own, eh? Do you even know what to feed one? Or how to trick one into letting you wash it? Well, nevermind all that! By copying and pasting the code snippet displayed below, you're well on your way! All you need now is somewhere to stick it! I'm sure the Goblins have an idea or three about where to stick things, but in the interest of decency, common or otherwise, we'll leave them out of this. Just trust me on this one! Paste the code into your site, blog, myspace profile, etc! And there we have it!

What, did you think you were just going to paste it onto your cat? Yes you need some sort of interspace on the web-o-tron! Luckily, you can find them for as cheap as free in this glorious technological wonderland we call "the future"!

Now get to it! Rush forth and begin your campaign of goblifying the internets!

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