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Now with more FAST! – 10-17-10

Ahoy! It's been two and a half forevers since the last bit o' news that I posted here! But tonight all that changes! Tonight! There is news! And you're looking at it this very moment! With your eyes!

Tonight we've just finished rolling out the completely re-written A Gross of Goblins site! And we've done such a smashing job that it looks exactly like it always has! Amazing! I can hear the impressed sounds from your mouths all the way over here! (it's true. I'd never lie to you.)

But! What this means for you is that the site now should be loading somewhere in the neighborhood of 60% faster. That's because it was re-written by a genius! Which is to say, someone that is not me! He also wrote some back-end administrative tools to make with the more pleasantness for updating, which you don't care about. I love you, but you're selfish creatures. Just know that there's new tools! In the back end! (if you know what I mean.) So there's an increased chance of "news" in your future! Which means way more exclamation points!

So what else? Ah! Yes. There's that apology that I owe you all. I've had far too many skip weeks lately. The day job that actually feeds The Cat has been intruding into the night time far too much lately. Accursed thing. But I'm working on it! And there's other things. But I'll talk about those in another update! Oooh! The nerve!!

So enjoy the new faster site! Enjoy it more! And faster!